About Line+Form Atelier

atelier / a-tel-yay /: an artist's studio or workshop

Line+form Atelier is the first community art studio of it's kind in Indianapolis. Our goal is to provide a space that fosters your innate creativity through exploration of materials, ideas, and experiences. Within the walls of the atelier we hope you feel inspired, confident, and eager to express your individuality through expressive art making and creativity. 

Line+Form Atelier provides art classes for children ages 18 months-12 years, and adults ages 18+. Our process-based, Reggio-inspired classes allow for maximum creativity for both children and adults. The focus is always on the process, not the final product. In addition to the classes, field trips, parties, events, and summer camps we host in the studio, you can also find us doing outreach work in the community at various schools, treatment facilities, parks department centers, and community events- making sure that art is accessible to all community members.