Fostering your child's creativity through art exploration

atelier / a-tel-yay /: an artist's studio or workshop

LINE+form Atelier is the first children's art studio of it's kind in Indianapolis. At LINE+form we combine art education with nature and child-led discovery, drawing inspiration from the Atelier's of Reggio Emilia. We believe that children learn best through experience, and must be provided endless opportunities and materials to express themselves and explore their own innate creativity.  As a process-art based studio we encourage curiosity and imagination, and focus on the process of creating rather than the outcome.  

LINE+form Atelier offers a range of art classes for kids and teens, open art studio time,  as well as projects and workshops led by local artists. LINE+form Atelier is the perfect spot to throw your child's next birtday party, or any event you may want to host! We hope you will add LINE+form Atelier to your list of "fun things to do in Indianapolis". We cannot wait to create and explore the magic of art with you and your child! 

What does Reggio-inspired mean?

LINE+form Atelier is heavily inspired by the Reggio Emilia educational philosophy. The Reggio approach values the child as strong, capable, and resilient; filled with curiosity and knowledge within themselves. Some key principles of the Reggio philosophy that LINE+form follow are:

  • Children are capable of composing their own learning (child-led learning).
  • Children better understand themselves and the world through experiences and interactions.
  • Children show their understanding of things and express themselves through various different ways (The Hundred Languages of Children).
  • Children must be presented countless ways of expressing themselves in order to fully develop a whole sense of self and the world.